Ways to Give

One of the benefits of making a gift to the Community Foundation is the flexibility the Foundation can provide.

Whether you want to give a gift now, or plan a gift for later, the Community Foundation's staff can assist you in tailoring your gift to meet your goals for giving.

Gifts that may be accepted by the Community Foundation:

Cash gifts are the simplest way to give, whether you wish to establish a fund or add to an existing fund. Gifts may be mailed or delivered personally to the Community Foundation office.

To make a cash donation by credit card, donate online: DONATE NOW

To make a cash donation by check, mail your check to:
First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania
330 Pine Street, Suite 400
Williamsport, PA 17701

Appreciated Assets
The Community Foundation accepts most appreciated assets as gifts. These may include stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, closely-held stock, real estate and other property.

Bequests Via Wills or Living Trusts
Give to your favorite causes or charities by way of a bequest in your will or living trust. Set up an endowment in your family’s name, create a scholarship or give to an existing fund. You may designate a dollar amount or give a percentage of your estate.

Charitable Lead Trusts
Creation of a charitable lead trust can provide temporary income to the Community Foundation for a period of years. A lead trust provides substantial income or gift tax and estate tax benefits. It can also maximize the assets that eventually pass to your family. Minimum contribution varies, but is generally $100,000.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
A charitable remainder trust can provide you with a guaranteed or variable lifetime income. You receive an immediate income tax deduction and may bypass capital gains taxes and reduce your estate for estate tax purposes. These trusts can also be used to create retirement accounts and educational funds. Minimum contribution varies, but is generally $100,000.

Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program
The Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) is a program of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which allows businesses to make gifts to approved organizations for educational purposes. In return, the business gets a tax credit for the gift. This allows businesses to designate dollars to local public schools for innovative programs for students.

EITC Eligibility and Distributions

Gift Annuities
Your charitable gift annuity provides you with a guaranteed fixed lifetime income that is partially tax-free and an immediate income tax deduction. Annual payout rates vary depending upon age and number of annuitants. Minimum contribution: $10,000

IRA's, Retirement, Financial Accounts
Name the Community Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of your IRA, retirement fund or any financial account. Such a gift provides income and estate tax benefits and helps maximize bequests to your family.

Life Insurance
Life insurance policies can be used as charitable gifts. If you name the Community Foundation as owner and beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy, you receive an immediate tax deduction. We can help you structure a gift of life insurance to provide the maximum benefit to both your community and your heirs.

Personal Property
The Community Foundation can accept jewelry, artwork, collections, equipment, software or gas and oil wells as gifts.

Real Estate Property
You can give a home, farm or vacation property, receive an immediate income tax deduction, and continue to use the property during your lifetime.

The Community Foundation is here to help you with your philanthropy needs. For more information contact the Development Office at 1.866.901.2372 or 570.321.1500.